CKLA Resources

Our Core Knowledge Language Arts Listening and Learning Domains, or units of study, are listed below. For more information on specific skills, vocabulary and/or the sequence of these Domains, copy and paste the links at the bottom of this page onto your browser. Our Skills Strand is taught along with our Listening and Learning Strand each day.

Domain 1: Nursery Rhymes

Domain 2: The Five Senses

Domain 3: Stories

Domain 4: Plants

Domain 5: Farms

Domain 6: Native Americans

Domain 7: Kings and Queens

Domain 8: Seasons and Weather

Domain 9: Columbus and the Pilgrims

Domain 10: Colonial Towns and Townspeople

Domain 11: Taking Care of the Earth

Domain 12: Presidents and American Symbols

*CKLA Listening and Learning Strand Link

*CKLS Skills Strand Link