Mrs. Zajac


Mrs. Zajac is embarking on her 27th year of teaching, with 19 years of those years in kindergarten. She began her career in North Carolina where her husband was serving in the Marine Corps.  Mrs. Zajac has taught in private, public and charter schools throughout her career.

Mrs. Zajac and her family moved to Colorado in 2005 where she began teaching kindergarten at Ave Maria Catholic School. She completed her Master's of Education degree in 2012 from Regis University with a K-12 licensure as a Reading Specialist. 

Mrs. Zajac came to PCK for the 2013-14 school year to embark on a new adventure and she is delighted to be in kindergarten again! When she is not teaching, Mrs. Zajac is spending time at the range, hiking in this gorgeous state with her corgis, practicing yoga, checking her Garmin for her latest stats, piddling in her garden, watching her chickens free range, baking something gluten free or reading a novel to meet her Goodreads goal for the year! During the 2020 pandemic her big project was building the chicken coop pictured above with her husband.

Her last name is pronounced (Zay-jack). Be careful when spelling, it doesn't have a "k" on the end!

Just Some of Her Favorite Things:

Email Address:

Teacher’s Name: Jenni Zajac

Grade/Position: K

Birthday: 7/10

Things I am allergic to: DAIRY & GLUTEN; I avoid pumpkin seeds and black beans too.

Hot Drink: TEA! Any dairy free latte made with black tea! Love Chai tea lattes! Harney & Sons teabags--any variety: Earl Gray, English Breakfast, Paris, Hot Cinnamon Spice and more!  Fine with decaf tea too as I watch my caffeine intake. NO COFFEE please.

Cold Drink: sweet iced tea, iced chai tea, "Acai Energy" or "Squeeze Please" from Berry Blendz (be sure its made dairy free--NO sherbert)

Snack/Treat: kettle popcorn, all nuts, Rice Krispie treats, dairy-free dark chocolate (yes, it exists:) Chocolove Raspberries in dark chocolate❤️

Fruit: ALL of them, especially fond of all berries!

Candy: any sweet & salty combo, organic gummy bears, Jordan almonds, Justin's Maple almond butter packets & RX Nut butter packets in Maple & Vanilla!

Restaurants: Indochine, Junz

Lunch take out: Tokyo Joe’s, Chick-fil-a

Places to shop/Gift cards: Hobby Lobby, Murdoch's, Maurices, Lakeshore Learning, Teacher Pay Teacher, Berry Blendz

Nail Place/Spa: Styish Beauty Collective

Flower: sunflowers, peonies, pink roses, dahlias, delphinium, zinnias, all of them really:)

Scent: Soft floral: Bath &Body Works-Pure Wonder, Perfect Peony, Dahlia, Gingham

Sports Team: Not into sports at all, avid reader instead.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading historic fiction, Christian fiction. Baking gluten free. Gardening. Yoga. Corgis. Raising chickens. Love British comedy and old 90's shows like Seinfeld:)

Things I collect: Pretty stationary, anything floral, eclectic jewelry in silver or rose gold.

Pets: Scout-3 year old corgi, Ellie May-5 year old corgi and 8 chickens alphabetically named Attila, Buttercup, Clementine, Dixie, Edna, Fiona, Ginger & Hazel.

Things I could use to make the classroom better:  Scented hand soap--the kids love to use it if it smells wonderful! Mrs Myer's multi-surface everyday cleaner--helps make our disinfecting wipes last longer! Post-It notes--any size!