Students are allowed to bring in non-food items/small gift bags with things like a pencil, an eraser, a ring, a toy, etc. to share with the class. Another option is to send a small treat for students to have at snack time. Please provide any utensils and napkins that are needed.

Birthday Treat Guidelines:

  • Nut free

  • Store bought for listed ingredients

  • Nothing that needs cut or kept cold

  • No cakes/cupcakes due to the mess

...party invitations: If you send birthday invitations to school for students, please include everyone in the class OR all the boys OR all the girls. We are unable to distribute select invitations to individual students.

Water Bottles

Kindergarteners need to bring a FULL, pop (sports) top water bottle to school each day. The bottles are stored in their individual snack baskets at their seats for the day and are not taken to the cafeteria for lunch. Separate "lunch water bottles" should be included in the lunch boxes.


We have a morning and afternoon snack. We will provide a morning snack using money collected at the beginning of the year, but ask that you send an afternoon snack. Of course, you can send a morning snack for your child as well if they would prefer.

Classroom Families' Contact Information

The school will compile a Directory on Tap app (DOT) of PCK families who give permission to release their contact information.

Dress Code

Kindergarteners won't receive dress code violations. Instead we use a "Kindergarten notification form" to let you know when your child's appearance violates dress code. The form is simply a communication tool, to help you understand our school wide policies, and does not come from the front office. Once your child moves on to First Grade and beyond, he/she will receive dress code infractions from the front office.

We often see these dress code violations and will work to remind you:

  • Students must wear socks, of appropriate colors (dark blue, white, grey, black) with shoes

  • Girls may only wear natural colors for nail polish

  • Hair accessories must be of school colors: forest green, navy blue, white, yellow, light blue, brown, black, gold, silver, Christopher plaid

  • Jumpers/skorts/skirts may only be Christopher plaid, no solid colors

  • Shorts and pants must be navy blue....no khaki (only middle school is allowed to wear khaki)

  • Earrings may not dangle - posts only

  • Girls are encouraged to wear "monkey shorts" under jumpers (for recess and time spent on our classroom rugs)