Students will generally have homework most night (Monday - Thursday). It will be sent home in their green homework folder. All homework is to be completed and returned the next day, unless specified otherwise. It should always be completed in pencil, unless it asks for coloring.

Into Math

10-15 Minutes Daily

  • We are currently utilizing the GOMath curriculum and Into Math, along with several supplemental resources.

  • Homework will be reinforcement of what was taught during instruction. We ask that you encourage your child to do the thinking (while you assist by reading directions and gently guiding in the right direction). Engage your child in conversation about the concepts on his/her homework.

  • Please have your child practice answering math questions independently. Then, check his/her responses for accuracy.

  • Your child may, or may not, need some extra help in the beginning of the year when concepts are new. Even if the homework "seems easy" for your child, it is important that you check over each assignment ....for the duration of the year (for completeness and understanding).

Please keep in mind.......Children benefit greatly from discussing "how they know," not just "what they know!"


10 Minutes Daily

  • Daily reading to, and by your child, is very important for the development of reading fluency and comprehension. Our biggest job (as parents and teachers) is to help our Kindergarteners FALL IN LOVE WITH READING!

  • When you read together, your child should concentrate on the details of the stories: setting, plot, characters, problem and solution, author's purpose, theme, mood and more. Often times, children who love to HEAR stories, love to READ them as well!

  • Reading together can look many ways...

          • Your child reads to you

          • You read to your child

          • You take turns reading

  • As your student begins to read on his/her own, it is most beneficial to use a combination of "child reading" and "adult reading" to keep your child interested and excited to read.

  • Don't forget to discuss what you are reading with your child and ask questions such as: What was your favorite part? How do you think the character(s) felt? How could we change the end of the story? * Use our Bloom's Taxonomy question stems (provided at conferences) to help you generate questions that go deeper.

Language Arts

5+ Minutes Daily

  • Occasionally, a worksheet for reading or writing from our CKLA program will come home. Those sent home on the "Keep" side of the homework folder should be done, but don't need to be returned. Worksheets sent home on the "Return" side should be completed and sent back the next day.

  • Following winter break, we begin WEEKLY SPELLING TESTS. Students receive a list of words, each week, in their Homework folders, and tests are given each Friday.